juliette donovan

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juliette donovan

● family : i only have my mother.
● posts : 38
● new yorker since : 28/03/2009
● free time : hanging with my friends, doing shit i like.
● joke : no we don’t use that room there was once a spider in it.

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Sre Jul 17, 2013 3:03 pm

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    C H A R A C T E R F U L L N A M E: juliette marie donovan
    A G E: 19
    H O M E T O W N: london, great britain
    G E N D E R A N D S E X U A L I T Y: female, straight
    C H A R A C T E R S E C R E T: i'm anorexic, and i refuse help. i can fix this on my own.
    Q U O T E O R B R I E F I N T R O D U C T I O N: she seems to be the happy british girl, with a perfect life. well that's not exactly true. all her teenage years, she's been bullied. she's been called fat, ugly and all the words that scar you for life. now she's determined to lose more and more weight. almost nobody knows about it, but you can see that she's really skinny. she thinks she can fix this on her own.
    F A C E C L A I M: taylor marie hill


    Y O U R A L I A S: alison.
    A N Y T H I N G E L S E?: nah

you call me up, it's like a broken record, saying that your heart hurts. that you never get over him getting over you,
and you end up crying and i end up lying, 'cause i'm just a sucker for anything that you do, and when the phone call
finally ends, you say, "thanks for being a friend," and we're going in circles again and again.
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