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juliette donovan

● family : i only have my mother.
● posts : 38
● new yorker since : 28/03/2009
● free time : hanging with my friends, doing shit i like.
● joke : no we don’t use that room there was once a spider in it.

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Sre Jul 17, 2013 1:15 pm

First topic message reminder :

pick a secret for your character

  • my girlfriend thinks i'm homosexual, just because i don't act that into her in public.
  • my boyfriend is cheating on me, but i'm strangely okay with it.
  • my girlfriend is cheating on me, but i'm strangely okay with it.
  • i'm in a relationship with both my math and science teachers.
  • my boyfriend just got me pregnant, and he just now told me he's involved with a guy.
  • i really like my best friend, but to hide it i constantly pick on her.
  • i'm not in love with him, but i'm afraid he'll do something to himself if i tell him.
  • i'm afraid to admit i'm dating her.
  • we were suppose to be a secret, but he went off and told his ex anyway.
  • i'm just dating my girlfriend to see how my best friend will react.
  • i've gone seventeen years without a kiss, and now i'm willing to do anything to change that.
  • we act like we hate each other to hide the fact that we're dating.
  • we were just a fling, but neither of us will admit that.
  • i'm afraid i'm going to lose him to cancer.
  • i'm dating my sister's ex.
  • my brother is dating my ex.
  • i'm dating two guys. they're both cousins.
  • i can't decide which twin i like better.
  • i wish his girlfriend would dump him already.
  • i'm pregnant, and my best friend's brother is the father. she hates me now.
  • i lied about being pregnant so he'd have to stay with me.
  • i was tricked into staying with her.
  • we've been dating for a month, and i still don't know his name.
  • i plan on running away to marry this girl i met on the internet.
  • we got a fake license and got married in vegas.
  • as hard as it is to believe, i'm in an arranged marriage.  

  • i'm anorexic, and i refuse help. i can fix this on my own.
  • i'm bipolar.
  • i constantly refuse to take my medication.
  • i don't think there is anything wrong with me. i don't care what the doctor says.
  • i'm showing the beginning signs of depression.
  • this is my first full year without being checked back into the hospital.
  • i cut myself.
  • i have treatable cancer, but my family can't afford treatment.
  • i pick on disabled people to hide the fact that i'm one of them.
  • i'm schizophrenic, and my condition is getting worse.  
  • i think i'm going insane.
  • i have sleep terror disorder.
  • i have dreams about killing people.
  • i have adhd, and i refuse to take my medication because people think adhd is 'cool'.
  • the doctor thinks my toddler is showing signs of a major problem. i'm afraid of  what the tests might say.
  • my psychologist considers me a danger, and won't see me without a police officer in the room.
  • it's not my fault i'm so 'mean'.

    DRUGS, YO?!
  • i'm addicted.
  • i'm addicted.
  • i'm addicted.
  • i got my boyfriend addicted.
  • my girlfriend is dead because i talked her into cocaine.
  • my little brother is dead because i got him addicted.
  • my little sister is dead because i got him addicted.
  • i gave my newborn baby alcohol to make him/her stop crying. he/she's been acting funny ever since.
  • i think my girlfriend does pot, but she won't admit it.
  • i'm afraid to tell my girlfriend i do cocaine. she comes from a very religious family.
  • i've killed someone while i was high.
  • i've been busted for drugs.
  • i've been busted for drugs. twice.

    ABUSE, YO?!
  • my girlfriend says that if i break up with her, she'll kill herself.
  • my teacher's slapped me before.
  • my boyfriend is very manipulative.
  • my boyfriend beats me.
  • my girlfriend beats me.
  • i think my sister gets beat.
  • my brother gets beat by his boyfriend. i'm the only one that knows.
  • i get beaten by my family.
  • my sibling gets beaten by my family.
  • sometimes i feel like i'm they're slave.
  • i think she only adopted me so she had someone to beat up on.

    OTHER, YO?!
  • i'm a bisexual female.
  • i'm a bisexual male.
  • i'm a homosexual female.
  • i'm a homosexual male.
  • i wish i was a girl.
  • i act like a loner because it's 'cool'.
  • i honestly don't even want friends.
  • i've had plastic surgery.
  • i aim to impress the popular guy at school, but i attracted the exact opposite.
  • i'm planning revenge on my enemies.
  • i don't even try in school. i already have a set job at the garage.


Nazadnje urejal/a juliette donovan Pet Jul 19, 2013 8:41 am; skupaj popravljeno 10 krat
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merida sandes

● family : i only have a father. my mom died from cancer.
● posts : 2
● new yorker since : 03/08/2013
● free time : doing things i like
● joke : you should donate blood, maybe all of it

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Sob Avg 03, 2013 7:58 am

secret:this is my first full year without being checked back into the hospital.
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Joe Jonas

● family : three brothers, parents
● posts : 12
● new yorker since : 12/08/2013
● free time : singing, traveling
● joke : hahaha

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Tor Avg 13, 2013 12:57 pm

name: Joe Jonas
secret: i'm addicted
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